Areas Served: Tri-Cities, Surrey

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Breakdancing & Hip-Hop Freestyle Introduction!

About: There are no wrong answers in dance!

Learn the basic movements and grooves of HIP-HOP dance. Warm-up games gear towards having better rhythm, mini showcases, and group work to get the youths out of their shells. Hip-Hop & Breakdance Dance Class for beginners, learning the foundation elements of Hip-Hop/ Urban dance, through a variety of grooves, exploration, body movements, group games, and dance styles.

Programs are taught by professional Dance Studio teachers, B-Boy Puzzles (Youtube), world-class breakdancers. 
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Afterschool Program
- 8 Sessions for $85.00
- Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm (or 90 minutes starting afterschool)
- Age Groups: Gr 1-5, Gr 6-8, Gr 9-12
- Minimum: 10 students to start 
- Maximum: 15-20 students

In-school workshop/ field trip
- 200 to 300 students for $1,000 to $1,500 ($5 / per student)
- Time: All-day/ Half-day/ Weekly
- Requirement: Whole school or for specific grade levels
- Age Groups: Gr 1-5, Gr 6-8, Gr 9-12

In-school Showcase & Mini-workshop
- 30 to 45-minutes Showcase for $200-$300
- Time: School assembly time preference
- Age Group: Gr 1-5, Gr 6-8, Gr 9-12