Breakdancing & Hip-Hop Freestyle Introduction!

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About: There are no wrong answers in dance!

Learn the basic movements and grooves of HIPHOP dance. Warm up games gear towards having better rhythm, mini showcases and group work to get the youths out of their shells. Hip-Hop & Breakdance Dance Class for beginners, learning the foundation elements of Hip-Hop/ Urban dance, through a variety of grooves, exploration, body movements, group games, and dance styles.

Programs are taught by professional Dance Studio teachers, B-Boy Puzzles (Youtube), world-class breakdancers.
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Afterschool Program
- 8 Sessions for $85.00
- Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm (or 90 minutes starting afterschool)
- Age Groups: Gr 1-5, Gr 6-8, Gr 9-12
- Minimum: 10 students to start
- Maximum: 15-20 students

In-school Showcase & Mini-workshop
- 30 to 45-minutes Showcase for $200-$300
- Time: School assembly time preference
- Age Group: Gr 1-5, Gr 6-8, Gr 9-12