Moresports Youth Leadership Training

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Moresports Youth Leadership Program (On-going)


Free Moresports Youth Leadership Training -

(you can work at your own pace)

Thanks to the collaboration of Moresports, School District 43, City of Coquitlam, DoWhatULuV, ViaSport and other supporters which assures that there is no cost to youth leaders participating/learning and volunteering with classes, training courses, workshops; or for certificates achieved. 

Moresports Youth Leadership Program

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email - [email protected] for an application to Join!

Next Workshop = Fun & Games - Tools to Coach a group of Elementary Children

Come to our next Orientation – It’s an Information session!

Learn how YOU can be given the opportunity to become a Youth Leader by taking the Moresports training models/sessions/seminars and certificates.  Some modules you will complete online on your own.  Some modules are group workshops/seminars.


To get started - Please join us - attend 1 Orientation session (your choice of location)

Grades 7-12 will be given the opportunity to become a Youth Leaders


Be a Key Player in Your Community -- Do you:


- Enjoy recreation, play sports or used to? 

- Want a job in sports, recreation or working with children?

- Want to gain specialized skills, volunteer job experience?

- *Can be used towards graduation requirements


Through volunteering and working with Moresports, you can become a Youth Leader

- a skilled role model in your neighbourhood!



Sign up and discover your strengths! -- Want to learn:


- How to work with children?

- How to support (Assistant Coach) children’s play activities?

- Motivate children to be active?

- How to help kids thrive in life through play?


What is Moresports Youth Leadership Program?

A chance to learn skills and build your knowledge about recreation and strong leadership.  You can use these new skills and volunteer experiences to learn about your personal strengths, what you like & don’t like to do and how your new leadership skills can open doors to different careers.  

You will learn skills on your own and as a group together. 


Later, when volunteering afterschool at Moresports multisport school sessions you can practice using your skills to help Moresports neighbourhood-based after-school programs; which provides physical activity opportunities to children at their own elementary school. The focus is on fun, inclusion and connecting kids to sports, other kids, and older youth mentors – called Youth Leaders.

Maybe you will want to do your volunteer work at the elementary school that you attended!?



What is Moresports Multisport?  

It is neighbourhood-based after-school programs which provides physical activity opportunities to children at their own elementary school. The focus is on fun, inclusion and connecting kids to sports, other kids, and older youth mentors




Other locations / days for Orientation sessions


Minnehkada:   May 3   3pm – 415pm


Port Moody Sen Sec (Wednesday) Career Centre LUNCHTIME


Pitt River Middle 



[email protected] 

Number of seats taken : 1 / 30
Moresports: Coquitlam East
[email protected]
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Grade 7 to 12
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1/30 Seats taken
Important Payment Instructions

Cheque or E-transfer must be received within 5 days upon online booking, or your registration may be canceled due to limited spots and incomplete registration. (1) E-transfer to: [email protected]  |  (2) Cheque/ MAILING ADDRESS: 609 ARROW LANE, COQUITLAM BC, V3K 7C6, PAYABLE TO: DO WHAT U LUV FOUNDATION