Banting Middle - MPOwer your Inner Warrior - (Thursdays)

Number of Sessions: 8
 Dates: Oct 3 - Nov 21
 Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

This mpowerment program aims to benefit your child emotionally, mentally, and physically through martial arts. The
values of martial arts such as respect and self defence will be discussed in a welcoming environment, but confidence,
self-awareness and proper goal setting approaches will also be incorporated in the discussion as these are important
lessons that help students mature. The student will learn practical self defence skills through technical drills, workouts,
and games. These skills will focus on both grappling and striking techniques. Throughout the class, students will follow
respectful etiquette such as bowing, meditating, and active listening to show respect to instructor, their peers, and the
classroom.: Instructor Jonathan
Number of seats taken : 9 / 15
Mpower Lives
[email protected]
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Age Limit :
Grade 6 - 8
No. of Seats :
9/15 Seats taken
Important Payment Instructions

Cheque or E-transfer must be received within 5 days upon online booking, or your registration may be canceled due to limited spots and incomplete registration. (1) E-transfer to: [email protected]  |  (2) Cheque/ MAILING ADDRESS: 609 ARROW LANE, COQUITLAM BC, V3K 7C6, PAYABLE TO: DO WHAT U LUV FOUNDATION