Equitas - Volunteer Training for Kids Matter Conference - Charter of Rights

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Tri Cities Charter of Rights - Facilitation Training by Equitas

February 5th


Coquitlam City Centre Library

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Thank you to our Youth Volunteering and to Equitas 

The Equitas Regional Office in British Columbia works closely with community to support the growth and sustainability of Equitas’ programs in Western Canada. We have worked with communities and their community partners to identify emerging issues impacting young people, to develop innovative tools, educational resources and training to help build leadership skills of diverse children and youth in communities. 

Locally, we have supported the development of Children’s Charters in cities across the Lower Mainland. In each city, we work closely with key stakeholders to identify their goals and create a unique process to support them to develop a children’s charter that includes children’s suggestions to their community. See the Tri Cities community Children’s Charter here.

Number of seats taken : 10 / 12
Tri City Kids Matter (TCKM.ca)
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Coquitlam City Library
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Grade 9-12
No. of Seats :
10/12 Seats taken
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