Introduction to Coding and STEM with Micro:bit-Online(Tuesdays) Jan/Feb 2021

Number of Sessions: 5

Do you want to build a game that can tell your fortune? Or program an alarm that lights up and plays music? Or recreate the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors? Learn how to program all this and more using Micro:bit.


This program will teach an introduction to the basics of programming with Micro:bit, a technology designed to help students explore passions in STEM fields. The Micro:bit is a tiny computer designed to teach how hardware sensors and software interact, and how computer systems fit together to react to physical environments.

The creative and fun-filled program will take you to closer to becoming a confident coder. Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of programming hardware; they will work through guided examples of programming Micro:bit and turning them into functional projects such as games, musical instruments, and data loggers. 

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